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  1. WMEMS is an approved Designated Education Provider (DEP) for international students in the province of Manitoba

  2. Students wishing to apply at WMEMS do not have to use the services of a recruiting agent to apply and be accepted although most students do.

  3. WMEMS does not have a school run home stay program. Living accommodations and arrangements are separate and the responsibility of the student, their families and or their agent.

  4. WMEMS will accept applications from international students (K- 8) wishing to apply to attend our schools. Acceptance is based on many factors including the students academic record, interview (in person or via skype), eligibility criteria and space available.

  5. Applications will be accepted at any time during the school year. Applications will only be processed once the application fee is paid in full. The international student application fee is $240.00 which covers the application, assessment and interview process. Application fees are non-refundable.

  6. International students (once accepted) are eligible to start attending classes throughout the year. Start dates will be determined by the Principal.

  7. International students should have a basic grasp of the English language (appropriate to their age and grade level placement) and be able to converse with others at a basic level using English.

  8. Once a student has been accepted all fees must be paid in full. This includes international student fee, regular tuition fee, and transportation fee (if applicable).

  9. International student fees for 2022-2023 are set at $7,100 per year plus the regular tuition fee for the grade that they are placed in. Fees for partial stays are pro rated according to the length of stay.

  10. International Students whose eligibility status changes after September 30th will be required to continue to pay an international student fee until the next school year begins, except in those circumstances where Manitoba Education & Training approves the per student grant for that student.

  11. Transportation (from home to school and back) is available via school bus at an additional charge.

  12. In case of an emergency the student may be contacted during school hours through the school Principal. The school Principal will facilitate the sharing of information with the international student. After school hours emergency contact arrangements must be made with the home stay parent/legal guardian in Canada.

  13. As of September 1, 2018 most international students are no longer covered under the Manitoba provincial health insurance plan. All students attending WMEMS Schools are required to have valid and up to date medical/health insurance coverage.

  14. If student withdraws before attending school, WMEMS will refund 90% of fees paid. If student withdraws within 30 days, WMEMS will refund 80%. If student withdraws after 30 days, no refunds will be given. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to our Business Manager.

International Applications
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