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A capital campaign for


For 40 years, WMEMS has provided vibrant communities and strong academics to every student and family, while embracing our shared faith and values. Now we are looking forward to the next 40 years - and we need your support.


All projects have been chosen through staff and family consultation
This is a volunteer-run campaign! All funds raised go towards the capital project - there are no operating costs for the fundraising effort.

Ensuring a bright future

Our Bedson Campus has served our students and families since 1986. But it's time to show the building some extra love.

The Foundations for a Lifetime Campaign will complete two important projects at our St. James school:

  1. Build a new entrance designed for accessibility and student visibility.

  2. Upgrades to our HVAC system, ensuring a comfortable enrivonment for students year-round.

The Katherine Friesen Campus has seen multiple expansions since its acquisition in 1996. We recently completed phase one of our capital campaign, which included:

  1. Expanding our classes to include grades 7 and 8.

  2. A large addition featuring a high-school-sized gymnasium, student commons, and kitchen.

  3. Renovating the old gym to include a dedicated music room and multi-purpose room.


Campaign Goals

  1. Address urgent safety, accessibility, and HVAC needs at our Bedson Campus.

  2. Funding the investment we made at our Katherine Friesen Campus.

  3. Eliminate the debt that impacts our ability to serve students and families.

Support WMEMS

A gift to the Foundations for the Lifetime capital campaign is an opportunity to help shape and elevate the learning environment for WMEMS students.

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