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Bedson Campus Parent's Association


The WMEMS Parent Association at Bedson would like to extend an invitation to those families who have not yet attended a PA meeting or participated in helping at a fundraising event to give it a try! You'll feel connected to the WMEMS family, make new friends and gain insight into the goings on at the WMEMS Bedson campus.

We welcome you to participate!

The purpose of the WMEMS Bedson Parent Association is to:

  • Organize activities that inspire community spirit and pride
  • Organize support resources to allow teachers to focus on teaching
  • Act as a communication bridge between parents, teachers, administration and the board
  • Raise funds to provide school infrastructure and learning resources as well as provide meaningful educational experiences that are over and above what the standard school finances permit

The WMEMS Bedson Parent Association is successful when:

  • There is a high degree of participation of WMEMS families in organizing and attending PA activities and events
  • There is enhanced infrastructure and learning resources at WMEMS
  • Teachers and administration feel that they are appreciated and supported
  • All WMEMS stakeholders feel a deepened sense of belonging

Monthly Meetings
The Parent Association holds monthly meetings to receive input from parents and provide a forum for the administration to give an update to parents. On a monthly basis there is an opportunity to receive updates and ask questions of:

  • David Stoesz regarding Bedson activities
  • Joanne Clark regarding the monthly Board meetings
  • Jamie Chahine regarding PAC
  • Other committee's such as the Education Committee

Fundraising events that are organized by volunteer coordinators include:

  • Hot Dog Lunch                      Hot Pizza Lunch                   Subway Lunch
  • $50 Donation Option
  • Heritage Farm Chicken Sale
  • Bedding Plant Sale
  • Show and Save Coupon Book Sale
  • Perogy Sale

Contribution to School Spirit and Community Spirit

  • Family Fun Night
  • Family Picnic (to be combined with WMEMS 30th Barb-que Celebration)
  • Kindergarten Tea
  • Christmas Goodies after Christmas Concert
  • Field Day

Teacher and Administration Appreciation
Several volunteers organize two staff appreciation breakfasts and one hot lunch.

The PA Board would like to thank all the of the volunteers who serve in an executive and coordinator roles over the past year as well as all the volunteers who helped at the various events and fundraisers, and supported the hot lunch programs thoughout the year.








The PA Executive For 2014 - 2015
Chair: Corinna Ens
Co- Chair: Kelly Gray
Treasurer: Pauline Wiebe Peters
Secretary: Melissa Grenkow




Lunch Coordinators for 2014 - 2015:

Hot Dog Lunch Tammy Dyck
  Joanne Clark
Pizza Lunch Aniko Szabo
Subway Lunch Hilda Wiebe
Extreme Pita Johanna Wall
To order hot lunches at anytime go to


Heritage Lane Farms- Chickens

Bothwell Cheese

Perogy & Farmer Sausage

Peak of the Market -Farm to School- Manitoba Grown Vegetables



  *Thank you for Supporting the "Show & Save" Fundraiser.